March 19, 2013

To Do List: Is this the finish line?

Hang prints.
Patch ceiling/walls
Touch-up paint.
Add can light above stove
Install back splash(es).
Replace light switches.
Install shelf above stove.
Do something with knives.
Create better function for lower cabinet next to sink.
Find a runner for in front of sink..
Transition for tile to hardwood.

Office nook-
Finish filing.
Purge paper.
Finish Installing trim.
Install light fixture.
Patch walls.
Replace light switch.
Move wireless router.
Buy counter pieces.
Buy leg/support?/ new kennel for Zeb?
Get rid of old kennel.
Put pet stuff away.
Find blinds for windows.
Make wall cubby more functional by replacing shelves.

Back Entryway:
Tear out all old electrical boxes, wiring.
Buy a new light.
Install new light.
Replace light switches.
Replace ceiling with bead board (natural)
Patch walls.
Paint walls.
Paint back door.
Paint trim and window.
Build in railing area.
Tear out carpet.
Add storage for shoes, pet stuff, gear.
Add lots of hooks.
Hang 14er's poster and CO Map, old snowboards.
Hang Blind over bathroom window opening.

Living Room-
Hang framed paintings.
Couch switch?
What rug?
Add can lights?
Directional lights?
Do something about fan/light.
Print family photos.
Hang photos.
Re-paint living room heating vent.
Find blinds for windows.
Over dye curtains.
Hang curtains.
Add a mantle to fireplace?
Fix hearth- fill and paint.
Replace oldest gas insert in the history of time.
Add hooks/shelving to entry.
Build fauxdenza for entry.

Dining Room-
Get stuff from ArtHardware!
Hang everything!
Wiring replaced.
Light switches!
Install new lights.
Find pendant for over table.
Install rug.  Staple down?
Find blinds for windows.
Hang over-dyed curtains?

Hang photos.
Rearrange furniture.
Order ForLikeEver
Design and install built in closet.
Do something about fan/light.
Finish wiring updates.
Transition from tile to carpet.

Need storage for hand towels.
Need storage for magazines.
Change hardware on vanity.
Tile to the ceiling.
Order glass for shower.
Change cans to LED.
Caulk mess.

Laundry Room- 
Hang Santa Fe painting.
Solution for plants.(wire veggie baskets?)
Solution for jewelry. (Hooks in wall)
Purge clothes and shoes.
Put extra stuff in basement.
Counter top over washer/dryer.
Add hooks for drying.

Basement Finished Room-
Unpack last boxes.
Clean out/organize closet.
Rearrange furniture.

Basement Unfinished Room-

Basement Gear Room-
Jon's job.

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