March 28, 2013

Back Entry Inspiration- Next Big Project?

We're going to add bead board throughout the entire area, painted the interior wall color and add it to the ceiling in a natural finish.  Add a ton of hooks and storage.

Finally hang up our big CO map, J's 14er's poster and snowboards.

Pull out that nasty blue carpet, maybe add some tile and refinish the stairs.  Definitely adding a runner of some sort.

We also need to build in around the stairs to the basement so that any children that come to our house don't fall through the giant opening (right, Ellen?) ;)  We need shoe storage too, so maybe something like this?

Although, I guess a child could climb to the top and jump off, but I think that seems like another problem entirely.  We could add some barbwire at the top or an electric fence that would zap them back up like those factories in China (allegedly)?  Mom's- what do you think ;)

This project is on hold until we:

Finish the living room furniture rotation.
Install the back splash in the kitchen.
Finish the electric in the dining room.

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