April 17, 2013

Kitchen Update: March 2011/ April 2013 (95% done!!)

Update from the longest kitchen reno ever ;)

March 2011-


March 2011-


March 2011-


Check out this post for even older photos!!

April 16, 2013

Dining room 99% done!! - IKEA Stockholm Rand Rug installed (finally)

I have been hoarding this rug since last April when Haley came to visit.  After we ripped out the carpet and cleaned up the hardwoods, we laid it out and realized that the original rug purchased was HUGE, it covered the entire floor and and extended up the walls on either end!  J said it made his eyes unable to focus... After the kitchen was completed, we gathered up all of the returns and planned a trip to exchange the rug and return all the construction extras.  By then something crazy happened, the rug was no longer listed on the IKEA website, then rumors that it had been "obsoleted".  I even started to look for other similar style rugs...

The morning I loaded up, J convinced me to take the rug "just in case".  Good idea, J!

When I walked into to the Centennial store, there was a miracle- not only was the display rug hanging up, but two, brand-new rugs were available, as well and in the right size!  I returned the WAY-too-big rug  and bought the smaller size.  I was really happy because I love this rug, but Kitty loves it even more!  He had a little freak out ;)

Chino approves too!

But I like it the MOST!  (I know this off center, but the table is lined up with the kitchen opening.)

Almost exactly how I pictured the Dining Room when we moved in.

Too bad it had to be the construction zone for the past three years...

Every dinner is candlelight when you demo-ed out the the only light switch :)

Maybe we'll get some installed lights in here soon...(birthday surprise-J?)


- finish wiring updates
- install lights/ light switch
- order/install blind
- decide on a pendant (or two?) for over the table

April 15, 2013

Nook = Office

J worked on installing and finishing the trim last week.  He helped move the file cabinets back into the nook and then took Zeb for a long hike.  I was determined to get everything put together and cleaned up, all by myself, before he came back.  We have been discussing how to best use the "nook" space since we moved in.  I was on team Office and he was on team Breakfast room.  My argument was, in a small house we don't need two separate eating areas within 20 ft. of each other.  What we really need is a designated office space.  And I (usually) get my way ;)

Here are all the pieces of the puzzle: two metal file cabinets with a top drawer, a VIKA LERBERG trestle leg and two LINNEMON table tops from IKEA.

I finally finished the paper pile I've been sorting out for 1.5 years.  Paper purge 2013 is history!!

Visualizing and checking the fit- 102 year old houses with "handyman" additions are NOT close to being square.
I had to peel off the veneer on the short side seam and sand off about 1/4 of an inch.  Nice tight seam now.  Don't you love the "window treatments" ;)

 Used a sticky rug pad for insulation/grip under the desk top.

All done with time to spare.   Love this view! There is a lilac out the far right window :)

I think it's even better than I've been imagining it (for the past 3 years)!! I have a crush on my office nook :)  Now I need to get a wireless keyboard/mouse and get rid of those wires...

- install ceiling light
- touch-up paint
- patch wall
- replace switch plates
- order blinds
- install blinds
- hang calendar
- accessorize (plants, photos, office supply organization)!

March 29, 2013

Quick Kitchen Update

 When I got home last night, J had surprised me by hanging up the shelf over the stove.  Perfect! 

Less clutter on the counter.  Aaah...

March 28, 2013

Back Entry Inspiration- Next Big Project?

We're going to add bead board throughout the entire area, painted the interior wall color and add it to the ceiling in a natural finish.  Add a ton of hooks and storage.

Finally hang up our big CO map, J's 14er's poster and snowboards.

Pull out that nasty blue carpet, maybe add some tile and refinish the stairs.  Definitely adding a runner of some sort.

We also need to build in around the stairs to the basement so that any children that come to our house don't fall through the giant opening (right, Ellen?) ;)  We need shoe storage too, so maybe something like this?

Although, I guess a child could climb to the top and jump off, but I think that seems like another problem entirely.  We could add some barbwire at the top or an electric fence that would zap them back up like those factories in China (allegedly)?  Mom's- what do you think ;)

This project is on hold until we:

Finish the living room furniture rotation.
Install the back splash in the kitchen.
Finish the electric in the dining room.

March 22, 2013

Dining Room Light?

I have been looking for a light for over the dining room table for ever...

Help me choose!

Really affordable (and you get all 3):

I have loved this one forever:


Too predictable?:

nice light
Dream Light:

White Random Light, Moooi White Random Light & Random Light | YLighting

March 21, 2013

2013 Goal #1- Accomplished!

Everything that needed to be hung on the walls upstairs is up!!


 95% done in here...

Close-up they remind me of the pattern blocks from Tom & Molly's house...love those!!

Dining Room:

Added and rearranged a few things.  Fixed the broken glass in the black and red print from Grandmother.  Printed a few of J's crazy hiking photos and moved the Jermaine Rodger's/Deftones bunnies.

Maybe next time I'll use a real camera instead of my Iphone? ;)

Great Lakes print and my Menominee/Lake Michigan lighthouse photo are a good match!

Living Room:
After a quick project to fix a decision that has been bugging me for years...

 I can love this print of Howard Olson's again!  Reminds me so much of WI fall/winter skies.

I also really like it with my new lamp and shade!  Still sure the blue couch is still moving downstairs though...

 I think the watercolors are my current favorite art in the whole house.  Love opening the door to this view!

Love the cookbook shelf.  Hate to have cluttered counters!

 Close up-  Thanks Haley! I got J the CO version to match the WI print.