December 20, 2012

Lived in...

We've hung a pan rack and some lighting.

Put stuff in all the drawers.

Jon made a compromise.

Filled the pantry (and FINALLY got rid of the metal shelving in the entryway).

Installed new LED can lights (love them!).

Put away all of our glasses,


and brought the mixer out.

Look, no pantry when you walk in the front door, sneak peak of the floors and nice view to the kitchen. relaxing :)

  Zeb and Kitty think they're going to survive the transition to "normal" (non-construction) life!

November 19, 2012

Still a work in progress- Almost Fully-Functioning Kitchen!

 The plumber came Thursday the 8th.  He installed the dishwasher, disposal and hooked up the sink.  It was so great to come home to a fully functioning kitchen!  I snapped some quick photos and then got right to making dinner.  Sure, we hadn't moved most of the kitchen items in yet, but I had to try everything out right away!

Ooh, aah- faucet and new sink! 

Still a few things left to do: under cabinet lights and trim, re-install the outlet that had to be removed to fit the counter in, back splash.

Evidence of the first meal.  Yummy!

Look how much crap I can fit on my counter ;)

And what a huge mess I can make!

Delicious, homemade Mac & Cheese- first multi-step recipe attemped.

Just a cute photo of Zeb.  He's been feeling neglected on the blog lately...

I'm a little behind on posting because we have been busy putting everything away and finishing up details.  Working on a budget, detail post.  Maybe I'll finish it up over the long weekend...or maybe I'll just relax!

November 6, 2012

Finally...the counters are here!! -Glacier White- Corian

I got the call last week that the counter material had arrived at Rocky Mtn Stone and they would be ready for installation Monday.  Woo Hoo!! I have been thinking about this day for a year...literally.  

Here's what the kitchen looked like before:

Yes, I am the person that is taking photos while the dudes are working.  I managed to get one where they are not in the photo (privacy, right...).

 Check out the awesome landscaping in our front yard.  Maybe next year ;)

The installers only had one little problem when putting the counter in its final resting place.  Because the templating is so exact and we live in a 100yr. old home, we had to temporarily remove the outlet on the far wall.  They didn't have even a 1/4 inch of wiggle room.  Once the electricity was cut and the outlet removed, it was no problem at all.  Can I tell you how great it was to have a professional doing the work?  AMAZING!! I felt a little guilty for not helping (even though I wouldn't have had anything to offer).

In a few minutes the kitchen was already looking like this:

I'm in LOVE...
with my counters.

The plumber comes Thursday morning.  Next on the list, back splash and wrapping up the final details.  
I can't believe it!  

November 1, 2012

IKEA Kitchen Install- Phase 3- In progress

Quick update as we're still working on it:

Jon's in the process of installing all the pulls.

He has all the drawers finished and is still working on the doors.
I was so excited that I got my finger in the photo ;)

And, the microwave is finally up!  
Can't believe it.  

For some reason it makes the kitchen feel very finished (and fancy).  It's one of the only items we haven't had temporarily installed and been using during the remodel.  

The final appliance that still needs to be installed is the dishwasher.  Can't wait!  The counters are scheduled to be installed Monday afternoon, then the final plumbing can be completed.  Then the final electric.  And finally, back splash.  Hoping to be done by Christmas!

October 31, 2012

IKEA Kitchen Install- Phase 2

When we left off we were about here:

(Zeb had to be in the middle of all the action.)

Jon started putting together the drawers.

Greg started putting the cover panels on the upper cabinets.

And the first doors went up!! (Ooh, aah...)

Cleats were installed to hold the (infamous) filler pieces.

And the base cabinets went from this:

To this!

The Dining room kept getting emptier (now just drawers and doors left!)

Chino had to test one of the drawers.

By the time J's Dad left, the Kitchen was looking great!  

All the doors installed, filler pieces in place and ready to get templated for counter tops.

I got so excited that I had to start putting things away!

October 25, 2012

IKEA Kitchen Install- Phase 1

Jon's Dad came for a visit last week (an all work visit!).  We couldn't pry the level out of his hands, even when trying to tempt him with delicious Mexican food!


After a lot of planning and measuring, the first cabinet went in Tuesday morning. 

The original sink still hanging in there.

Installation rail hung.

Giant fridge cabinet.

Hanging the first cabinet on the window wall.

The upper cabinet layout on the "stove wall". 

Second "sink wall" cabinet hung.  We hung the upper cabinets on this side extra high in order to maximize the counter space.  

This cabinet was raised to match the right side.

Nice and level!

Trim piece (color of the cabinets) next to the interior cabinet.

View from the back entry.

Stove wall with base cabinets.

Window wall with base cabinets.

The dining room is getting empty!!