March 21, 2013

2013 Goal #1- Accomplished!

Everything that needed to be hung on the walls upstairs is up!!


 95% done in here...

Close-up they remind me of the pattern blocks from Tom & Molly's those!!

Dining Room:

Added and rearranged a few things.  Fixed the broken glass in the black and red print from Grandmother.  Printed a few of J's crazy hiking photos and moved the Jermaine Rodger's/Deftones bunnies.

Maybe next time I'll use a real camera instead of my Iphone? ;)

Great Lakes print and my Menominee/Lake Michigan lighthouse photo are a good match!

Living Room:
After a quick project to fix a decision that has been bugging me for years...

 I can love this print of Howard Olson's again!  Reminds me so much of WI fall/winter skies.

I also really like it with my new lamp and shade!  Still sure the blue couch is still moving downstairs though...

 I think the watercolors are my current favorite art in the whole house.  Love opening the door to this view!

Love the cookbook shelf.  Hate to have cluttered counters!

 Close up-  Thanks Haley! I got J the CO version to match the WI print.


Haley said...

I like the 1 canoe 2 stuff but sometimes feel like the grammar is off.

emily said...

I agree, I feel like the CO one needs another syllable.

Anonymous said...

I see you have Howard Olson and Haldor Barnes originals. Nice collection! Eclectic might be an apt description. Will you be having a showing in the near future?

emily said...

Come and visit sometime and I won't even make you do too much work!