January 3, 2012

Summer Flashback 2011- Roses

 I'm not sure how I haven't killed these yet...

 Check out the awesome "soil".  

 Two new Forsythia (need to move one of them to a new spot with more space).  
So excited to see the BRIGHT blooms!

 Love the bright orange!

 This bush doubled in size this year.  Need to set up some lattice so I can train them to grow over the house. You can see the vines growing around the front in the winter photos.
Nice shot of my neighbor's house...he painted it this summer.  I forgot how special it looked BEFORE :)  You rock Harvey!


Mom said...


tearinguphouses said...

there's a line of rose bushes at our new house that i'm terrified of murdering.

how do you keep yours so colorful and pretty?!

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Some roses are impossible to kill if you just leave them be. Once you start messing around with them, you get problems. I love roses! I can't wait for summer to see my beautiful roses come back.

emily said...

I am on board with Sara's method. I do absolutely nothing other than watering at night. As you can see we have awesome soil in Colorado Springs...it's considered a semi-arid climate with a very short growing cycle. My roses actually grow the most in the fall. there is a local nursery right down the block from my house that has been around forever. I have a strong suspicion that the roses are a special mountain hardy blend from that store as just about every house in our neighborhood has them. so pretty!