December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

 I can't stop lighting candles!

 Cards hanging.

 Jingle bells.

 OJ and cinnamon rolls (and chex mix!)

 Presents under the tree :)

Realized we have really long stockings...yes!

 Zeb destroying his Christmas present.

 Chino borrowed Zeb's new blanket.  Kitty was probably hiding by the heater vent.

1st annual Christmas Hike:  Zeb on the edge, wearing his new coat (spoiled). 

The view. Nice. 

 Great, new tradition :)

Christmas Dinner, Yum.


kelly@tearinguphouses said...

christmas dinner looks tasty!

Haley said...

Sampler platter! My favorite.

Liz said...

Candles. Beer. Cheese. Best buds. Bliss! I love the card display.. going to file that idea away for next year! Happy, Happy 2012 to you!

emily said...

Dinner was perfect :)

Liz- I was trying to think of something to do with the cards because they do not stick to the plaster walls and I don't have any place to put things because of the (endless) construction :) I am totally doing the same thing next year!