November 1, 2012

IKEA Kitchen Install- Phase 3- In progress

Quick update as we're still working on it:

Jon's in the process of installing all the pulls.

He has all the drawers finished and is still working on the doors.
I was so excited that I got my finger in the photo ;)

And, the microwave is finally up!  
Can't believe it.  

For some reason it makes the kitchen feel very finished (and fancy).  It's one of the only items we haven't had temporarily installed and been using during the remodel.  

The final appliance that still needs to be installed is the dishwasher.  Can't wait!  The counters are scheduled to be installed Monday afternoon, then the final plumbing can be completed.  Then the final electric.  And finally, back splash.  Hoping to be done by Christmas!

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Haley said...

Green, green. I'm glad the light up on the micro matches the stove.