November 19, 2012

Still a work in progress- Almost Fully-Functioning Kitchen!

 The plumber came Thursday the 8th.  He installed the dishwasher, disposal and hooked up the sink.  It was so great to come home to a fully functioning kitchen!  I snapped some quick photos and then got right to making dinner.  Sure, we hadn't moved most of the kitchen items in yet, but I had to try everything out right away!

Ooh, aah- faucet and new sink! 

Still a few things left to do: under cabinet lights and trim, re-install the outlet that had to be removed to fit the counter in, back splash.

Evidence of the first meal.  Yummy!

Look how much crap I can fit on my counter ;)

And what a huge mess I can make!

Delicious, homemade Mac & Cheese- first multi-step recipe attemped.

Just a cute photo of Zeb.  He's been feeling neglected on the blog lately...

I'm a little behind on posting because we have been busy putting everything away and finishing up details.  Working on a budget, detail post.  Maybe I'll finish it up over the long weekend...or maybe I'll just relax!

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