November 29, 2009

Sick, sick, sick... and an awesome headboard!

Since I was sick all weekend, including being in bed all day Thursday and Friday, I have made little progress on the painting.  I'm working on a list to motivate us to get some real progress done before we leave for our Christmas trip to Wisconsin. 

In the meantime, here's a headboard that I'm dying to add to my bedroom!  I need to get some color going so Jon will quit asking why everything is white :)

Oh, and thanks to Haley for the new header!! Still working out some other tweaks to the format.

November 13, 2009

Weekend Schedule- Updated

We have a super busy weekend ahead, so much so that I am considering drinking some pop tonight to get an extra burst of energy.

Friday night:

1) Pizza??  Test Wooglin's? Perhaps Il Vicino? (Seems like a great idea) Luigi's on South Tejon-- after driving by this a million times since we moved, we thought it would be a good idea to check it out. Short wait, great table by the fireplace, yummy pizza and unlimited Dr. Pepper...yes!!
2) Clean up the million of piles around the house (ok, probably just bedroom, bathroom, closet-room) FAIL
3) Wear pajamas DONE

1) Paint, paint, paint (no slacking this weekend!)  Cleaned up tons of crap throughout the house, now it seems like we really live there!
2) Have friends over for grilled meat  Snow ruined these plans.
3) Use Bristol Brewery gift certificate (been keeping since 12/08 for a special occasion) Big check mark...met Benny, A&J there for a quick game of shuffleboard (I don't know if it's called that if it's on a table??) and a beer before the RD festivities.
4) ROLLER DERBY at the City Auditorium with Jon, Benny, Eddie, A&J Fun, but not a crazy as last time!

1) Jon's hitting the slopes at A-Basin Lots of snow, tested A-Basin, but ended up at Keysone for a BIG fall and $1 tacos.
2) Girls over for champagne & pastries brunch at the house?? (no dining table yet!!) change of plans, pj's, and online TV
3) Make Carmel Apples FAIL-  need to accomplish this week before Jon eats all the carmels!!
4) Relax & watch Project Runway online Awww, yeah...


What are your plans for the weekend?

Hopefully, some fun updates Monday :)

November 4, 2009

Waiting to pick up delicious Boriello Brothers pizza to feed the workers (Jon snd Benny) putting in the light above bathroom sink. Now all we need is a mirror!

November 3, 2009

Primed Bathroom and Built-in

11-3 house 044
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Bedroom Windows

11-3 house 047
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It's a MUCH warmer color

11-3 house 045
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Can't you tell?? Jon can't...tones work against him :)

Painted the Bedroom too!

11-3 house 050
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Bleached Linen on the walls and ceiling and White on the trim... both by Behr. Moving in to bedroom little by little, hard to get used to sleeping upstairs :)

Jon getting the high parts

11-3 house 053
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Thank Goodness Jon is much taller than me... I didn't have to do the high parts!

Mom Cutting in with Primer

11-3 house 036
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Cutting in sucks!

Bathroom Primed

11-3 house 039
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Bathroom Update: Almost there!

11-3 house 026
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Well, we're about 90% done with the bathroom!

Mucho thanks to my Mom for spending her "Teacher's Convention" weekend in Colorado painting!

We had finished the tile before she got here and installed the shower hardware so it was FINALLY possible to take a real shower... no more "man showers" or "guerrilla shower tactics" needed :)

We used 12x12 ceramic tile for the bathroom floor and 6x6 slate for the shower floor an edging. We know most of the folks at the Southgate Home Depot by name as we have a 100% Depot supplied bathroom!

We painted the walls Cheyenne Rock by Behr. Jon picked it out...yes, he is color blind...but I love it! It is a little darker than I expected, but with the white trim, built-in, sink & toilet it balances nicely. We made a deal that he can go fishing/snowboarding, etc and I get to pick the paint colors for the rest of the upstairs.

Friday was a big day as we now have our internet functioning at the house. Also, City Glass came to measure for an estimate on a glass enclosure for the shower. As for now, we have a great shower curtain (thanks for the housewarming present Mom!)

We need to finish the trim, window, install the light and mirror over the sink and build the vanity/shelves in the old doorway.

Taking it easy this week and back at it hard this weekend!

Our Neighborhood: Ivywild, Colorado Springs, CO

We love our new neighborhood.  When we were searching for our new home, we ONLY looked in a few locations, Downtown Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, Patty Jewett/ Bonneville & Ivywild.

To read more about our neighborhood CLICK HERE! 

The overview tab is the funniest to read :)