November 3, 2009

Bathroom Update: Almost there!

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Well, we're about 90% done with the bathroom!

Mucho thanks to my Mom for spending her "Teacher's Convention" weekend in Colorado painting!

We had finished the tile before she got here and installed the shower hardware so it was FINALLY possible to take a real shower... no more "man showers" or "guerrilla shower tactics" needed :)

We used 12x12 ceramic tile for the bathroom floor and 6x6 slate for the shower floor an edging. We know most of the folks at the Southgate Home Depot by name as we have a 100% Depot supplied bathroom!

We painted the walls Cheyenne Rock by Behr. Jon picked it out...yes, he is color blind...but I love it! It is a little darker than I expected, but with the white trim, built-in, sink & toilet it balances nicely. We made a deal that he can go fishing/snowboarding, etc and I get to pick the paint colors for the rest of the upstairs.

Friday was a big day as we now have our internet functioning at the house. Also, City Glass came to measure for an estimate on a glass enclosure for the shower. As for now, we have a great shower curtain (thanks for the housewarming present Mom!)

We need to finish the trim, window, install the light and mirror over the sink and build the vanity/shelves in the old doorway.

Taking it easy this week and back at it hard this weekend!

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Haley said...

Thanks for the update! It's looking good!