September 23, 2009

One Week to Go

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Progress has been a lot slower since Dad went back to WI. It's hard to work all day and then get fired up to put in 4-6 more hours of work on the house. Especially when someone (Emily) likes to go by feel, go fast and thinks we can get lots more done per night than is really possible AND someone else (Jon) likes to think everything through...twice...measure, work slowly and methodically and doesn't seem to be feeling the pressure of being out of the apartment in A WEEK!! We have no food in the house, no clean clothes and very little packed. I'm hoping that this week has a few extra days in it so we can get our act together.

Too bad we didn't train the cats to do the laundry...

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Anonymous said...

Bring all of your clothes and hangers over to the house so you can do laundry while you are working.