September 8, 2009

First Things First

Front Porch BEFORE:
Nice beadboard ceiling,
multiple layers of outdoor carpeting,
spider webs and lots of dirt!

Front Porch AFTER:
Nice beadboard ceiling,
ONE layer of clean outdoor carpeting,
and a place to relax and escape the construction zone!

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Anonymous said...


Here's a couple things that I have learned about posting:

1) When you are adding pictures, add them in the reverse order. That way you can click on both images and view full size. Once you move the picture order they cannot be clicked on to enlarge.--That's what is happening with your 2nd image. We can see the first one enlarged, but when I want to see the new clean carpet it is too small to look closely.
2) Sitemeter--check it out, very interesting.
3) Comment moderation is tricky. I can explain on the phone if you want.

Are you layout color choices inspired by dining room ideas?