January 10, 2013

Finally, a Dining Room!

J & I worked all last weekend getting the pile of tools, extra trim, bits and pieces that need to be returned to IKEA and basically everything that DOES NOT belong in a Dining room out of the room.  We also moved the extra couch and (HUGE) coffee table out of the Living room, deep cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, purged and organized.  I told J that all I wanted for Christmas was to have him hang all the big stuff on the walls.  He did!  It looks like we actually live here :)  I was SO tired Sunday night!

Here's the view from the Kitchen:
So glad we opened up the doorway!  
So glad my Grandmother had such good taste (table and chairs)!

From the front door:
Still need to get some lights in here.
Aah, what a refreshing view to the Kitchen :)

From the Living room:
Still have to pull out all the smaller, framed photos and print some new ones for this wall.

Punch list:

-electrical: add a light switch, can or track lights, pendant over table?
-blind and drape for front window
-print, frame and hang photos
-install rug (thanks Haley)!!!!
-move internet plug-in

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