October 31, 2012

IKEA Kitchen Install- Phase 2

When we left off we were about here:

(Zeb had to be in the middle of all the action.)

Jon started putting together the drawers.

Greg started putting the cover panels on the upper cabinets.

And the first doors went up!! (Ooh, aah...)

Cleats were installed to hold the (infamous) filler pieces.

And the base cabinets went from this:

To this!

The Dining room kept getting emptier (now just drawers and doors left!)

Chino had to test one of the drawers.

By the time J's Dad left, the Kitchen was looking great!  

All the doors installed, filler pieces in place and ready to get templated for counter tops.

I got so excited that I had to start putting things away!

October 25, 2012

IKEA Kitchen Install- Phase 1

Jon's Dad came for a visit last week (an all work visit!).  We couldn't pry the level out of his hands, even when trying to tempt him with delicious Mexican food!


After a lot of planning and measuring, the first cabinet went in Tuesday morning. 

The original sink still hanging in there.

Installation rail hung.

Giant fridge cabinet.

Hanging the first cabinet on the window wall.

The upper cabinet layout on the "stove wall". 

Second "sink wall" cabinet hung.  We hung the upper cabinets on this side extra high in order to maximize the counter space.  

This cabinet was raised to match the right side.

Nice and level!

Trim piece (color of the cabinets) next to the interior cabinet.

View from the back entry.

Stove wall with base cabinets.

Window wall with base cabinets.

The dining room is getting empty!!

October 18, 2012

IKEA Kichen Cabinet Update

The cabinets arrived as scheduled on September 6th.

Here's what the dining room looked like when everything was off the truck.

Doesn't look like very much, right?

 Zeb inspected the delivery.

 A few days later Benny and Jon couldn't resist getting to work.

Zeb helped them visualize the finished product.

 When I got home later that evening, this is what I saw.

 Half the cabinets were assembled and the rest were organized and ready to go.

 Nice photo of pantry current location in the living room, unfinished cabinets and almost finished kitchen.

 (don't worry about the carpet, it's going away as soon as the cabinets are in...)

A few days later, Jon finished building the rest.  And then the dining room looked really crazy!

(drawers all stacked up and cabinet doors)

 (all the cabinets in a row)

Then it was time for the cats to have fun.

 Kitty is obviously dominant.

I'm obsessed with Instagram (hence the long break from the blog) @emiroads.

Here's the rendering from IKEA once it's all said and done.

Jon's dad is here and we're working away on the kitchen.  
Waiting to get it a little more finished before posting more photos.  Mom, you'll just have to wait!