March 25, 2011

Construction: Meals

Photo dump 3-20 672

Marinated Pork Tenderloin, Fruit Salad
Venison Burgers, Spicy Pickles
Homemade Pizza
Frozen Pizza
Grilled Cheese/ Grilled PB&J
Scrambled Eggs and Toast
Cheese Curds and Triscuits
Steak and Salad
Borriello Bros. Pizza delivery
Yogurt Parfaits
Ice Cream Sundae's for Jon
Reese's Eggs


Jana said...

I almost got some Reese's eggs today, actually stood there for a minute thinking about it... they just seem different like more peanut butter then i looked down and said get rid of the belly first then eat the junk food. I have already lost over 20 pounds, it is crazy how it all just shrinks so fast!

Alexson said...

Y'all are eating like kings for this being a kitchen demo! I'd have been on the horn to Jimmy John's every night :)