December 10, 2010

December 10th???

all we have left to do before Christmas:

christmas shop for everyone
do the laundry-this weekend
buy a new kennel for Zeb
buy a new dog bed for Zeb
do the dishes-this weekend
buy two new tires for the element
buy a new wheel for the element
get an oil change
buy spices and tortillas
plug in the refrigerator
get rid of the old refrigerator
take zeb to puppy graduation-this weekend
clean up the house for Rosie
rearrange the house- for Emily
decorate the tree-tonight
find someone to watch the cats  THANKS MEGAN & ELLIE!!
grocery shop for Rosie's visit
send Christmas cards?
re-seal the slate in the shower
supervise officer transitions for DG
go to birthday party
go to

T-15 days


Haley said...

Nice garland! I need to hang mine too.

Lindsey said...

Go to Penzy's spice store in South Gate...the BEST!!!!!! have one busy weekend!