September 20, 2010

Mourning the loss of summer...

Here is an awesome new thing for our wall (doodled and signed- THANKS to Jermaine Rogers)
and something to cheer up about fall... 

We had Soooo much fun at Jana's beautiful wedding (held at a totally Texas ranchette, stone buildings and twinkle-y lights...) Rounding out our Labor Day weekend with Whataburger, hanging out by the pool, Lonestar & family!  Zeb came with and he was pretty great the entire trip.  He learned about water and swimming pools and loved his aunt Jesse!

(after accidentally jumping in the pool!)

This is just funny.

Here's where I've been spending my evenings- the NEW-ish DG house at Colorado College.  Having fun with the girls and helping with recruitment. 


Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

Zeb is sooo cute. Aw.


Haley said...

Em - take a look at the landscaping outside of the DG house. I like that spikey grass stuff. You could do a lot of what has been done there in your front yard. I'm sure the plants will stand up to the weather and are also low maintenance.