July 27, 2010

Good (blog) Reads



We've been wanting to do this for a long time, (thanks parents :)) 
Then, Sarah sent me  THIS! 
She is a teacher at one of Sarah's schools in Seattle!


I like this blog.  And now, here's a book about her other blog.  It's getting lots of press, here and  here.

In blogs and in REAL life, everyone's on the move.  Like last year, we haven't been going on many adventures.  Finding and renovating is keeping us busy!  Looking forward to a trip to TX for JANA's wedding, fall trip to the Midwest (is best!) and a BIG trip to the East Coast to see two sisters, three friends, five hubbies, two brothers, two sisters, a Grace and a Vera!

 Doesn't this look familiar?? (same tile, same shower tile, same vanity-ish, same light-ish, weird!)

We've been busy around the house and will have photos soon!


emily said...

and i wish we would have had more shower heads

Haley said...

Very weird YHL. When was that posted?

emily said...

bryn got it from yhl, it's a reader makeover, i think??

Anonymous said...

Could you put another shower head in now if you go up the wall that Jon has stripped and drill a hole?

emily said...

the wall is stripped in the back room, the closet wall backs up to the shower... maybe??