January 29, 2011

Spring in January

It's been in the 60's the past few days. 

We could have snow and teens Tuesday. 

Typical winter in Colorado Springs.

This shelving is the major dumping zone when walking in the door.  Even cleaned off, it is LEANING and going to tip over.  I want to drill it to the wall, but... carpet needs to come out, floors freshened up, etc.

Would it be really annoying to drill it in now and then take out when we pull the carpet out, then reattach it to the wall?

Hi Kitty/FDR/Mr. McKittelsworth/Frank

Our neighbors are getting their trees trimmed!! Yeah!! It looks so good and will cut down on sticks littering our yard by 1000%.  Jon will have so much less work ;) 

I will post photos.  It looks great!

January 25, 2011

New Year, New goings on...

I couldn't post b/c I was too superstitious/busy/obsessed with the SUPERBOWL BOUND PACKERS!!!

Here is a photo of the back room all torn up:

And here is a photo because I have no shame:
 (good thing this is pretty blurry) (zeb is really tiny in this photo- now he's 45lbs?)
think this is me eating a waffle (upon further review, could be chips and salsa...more likely)
 and not working on the back room.
also, i'm sitting in the dining room, that has all the stuff that needs to go back there
(washer, dryer, all my clothes, vacuum, hidden pile of papers/office)
I was claiming reno depression, but now i'm so insanely happy about my team...
weekend with no football?? hmmm...
I am making a list NOW


(I would give my R pointer finger to take photos this awesome...)
Packer Team Photographers James V. Biever & Vernon J. Biever A Legend
all photos courtesy of the GREEN BAY PACKERS on  packers.com NFC CHAMPS 2010