October 31, 2009

So much progress...

We have been working so hard this week preparing for our help from WI to arrive!!  Now that my Mom is here we are making real progress on the bathroom and anticipate moving into our bedroom by the end of the weekend.  No more Aerobed!! Will update with lots of photos ASAP.

October 22, 2009

Bathroom Updates: Shower Tile

It might seem like we have been working on this for way, way to long (Haley) but we actually are making some progress. H1N1 got us down last week, but we've managed to get back on track this week. In the future, I might reconsider a project like this without fitting in a few days off to get the bulk of the work done.  Just so you remember where we started:


Here's the first wall: Saturday

We had to take a mental break and go scream at the Pikes Peak Derby Dames. It was super fun and exciting even if we didn't understand exactly how it works. I think I could get excited about watching competitive paint drying and asked our friend Benny (who has a personal connection to the team) if he was embarrassed that he brought me because I was the only one yelling (a lot) in our group. We are definitely going back!

Sunday progress-- saving the hard cuts for Monday because our neighbors hate us enough already!

Monday-- still waiting for the hardest part.

Any suggestions on what to do with this window?? We meant to keep it b/c it brings more light into the bathroom even though it has become an inside window after an additon was added to the back of the house (many years ago).  I want to just load it up with outdoor, water resistant paint and then etch the glass a little for privacy.  I am sure that there are other options of what should be done by other residents!  Hopefully, we can reach a mutual decision with out too much debate :)  Yes, drinking the champagne of beers while tiling helps to expidite the process!

The next step will be painting.  Jon picked out the bathroom color-- the second from the top.  I'm hoping it's not too dark, but we will have lots of shiny white trim and white built in.  It's not the color that I probably would have picked, but I like it and I'm saving my battles for the colors I'm determined to have in other rooms. 

We've been lost in a construction site...


October 15, 2009

October 10, 2009

This Weekend

Hoping to get some work done this weekend, BUT it is my 10 year college reunion...

It's freezing, ice covering EVERYTHING  this morning.  Maybe we should turn on the heat??

We missed our annual fall trip this year, due to early colors and construction site/ house.

Jon has THIS on the brain.  Getting his pass today...

October 3, 2009

October 1, 2009


We are offically out of the apartment!!

JFK went to the Brewer game and then finished moving until about 4am.  I cleaned the fridge and stove early this morning and we are OUT...

We were going to spend the night relaxing and digging out from under the piles, but I'm quasi-last minute volunteering at this great event:

Next year, when we're finally settled, I'm going...