December 22, 2010

Does going to the Laundry count as a post?


IT'S NOT THIS BAD....and unlike college, i'm bringing CLEAN clothes home :)

December 21, 2010

To Do List

Pack clothes
Organize Presents
Wrap up at work
Clean out car/Pack car
Kennel/Dog Bed for Zeb
Oil Change/last two tires
Pack Zeb stuff
Get cat stuff together
Clean out fridge

December 20, 2010

Movie Night


Going (went) to the Zoo!

 scary Mountain Lion

Started Christmas shopping today.  Everything will be shipped to Marinette.

Went to the CC Hockey game.

Watched the Packers lose, close game... can't stand Tom Brady.

December 16, 2010

What NOT to do when you have guests over...

blurry blackberry house photo

Don't get locked out of your house.

Don't kill the battery in your car that is NOT a stick shift.

Don't have three appliances + office+ closet in the dining room.

Don't have ONLY gatorade, vitamin water, juice and milk in the OLD fridge.

Don't have a puppy run down to her room and jump on her FACE while she's sleeping.

Don't have a big pile of papers on the floor from a project in process.


what else?

December 14, 2010

Fun night

Paying bills
Setting up Rosie's (air) bed
Zeb to myself
Granola and juice for dinner
Craving the Bux, but not spending $$ this week!
Nice Clause/Rhoades/Bevill/Richards/Kornely Family photo

Wow, I'm lame :)

December 11, 2010

Zeb's Puppy School Graduation

He knows he is very handsome and he always lets people fawn over him, but he was very embarrassed about the hat and scarf!

December 10, 2010

December 10th???

all we have left to do before Christmas:

christmas shop for everyone
do the laundry-this weekend
buy a new kennel for Zeb
buy a new dog bed for Zeb
do the dishes-this weekend
buy two new tires for the element
buy a new wheel for the element
get an oil change
buy spices and tortillas
plug in the refrigerator
get rid of the old refrigerator
take zeb to puppy graduation-this weekend
clean up the house for Rosie
rearrange the house- for Emily
decorate the tree-tonight
find someone to watch the cats  THANKS MEGAN & ELLIE!!
grocery shop for Rosie's visit
send Christmas cards?
re-seal the slate in the shower
supervise officer transitions for DG
go to birthday party
go to

T-15 days

December 9, 2010

Am I too old (boring) for a dream Christmas List?

1) external hard drive
2) sunset magazine subscription, books, itunes gift cards
3) Canon t2i
4) funny Badger Rose Bowl t-shirt

5) funny packer (matthews, rodgers) t-shirt,
6) maid, dishwasher
7) gap gift cards, clothes, jeans
8) sheepskin boots
9) flat, pointy work shoes

December 3, 2010